Euro Pacific Bank

Notice of Fee Schedule Changes

Published: April 30, 2021

After maintaining the same fee structure for the last 10 years, we will be changing some of our fees due to the higher cost of doing business.

We are confident this updated fee structure will allow us to introduce new improvements, services, and supported markets later in 2021, as well as allow us to continue serving you for many years to come.


The updated Fee Schedule will take effect June 1, 2021 and is sorted by currency, so please toggle to the currency of your primary account with us.

If you have any questions, our Client Services team would be happy to discuss these price changes with you. You can call +1 888 527 4041, schedule a call, or create a trackable case inside your Support Center.

Euro Pacific Bank Implements State-of-the-Art Know Your Customer System with Quavo

EAST LANSING, MI, February 24, 2021

Euro Pacific Bank, one of the world’s first full-reserve banks, has entered into an agreement with Quavo Inc. to automate its Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

“Account holders at financial institutions often do not understand the extensive review and risk ratings required for new accounts to be onboarded. These processes are highly regulated by governmental agencies and must be compliant with AML regulations” comments Richard Jefferson, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Quavo.

Maria Goncalves, Chief Compliance officer of Euro Pacific Bank continues “Euro Pac has an excellent and detailed set of processes which we are automating with the world’s leading business process management (BPM) platform from Pega and our proven implementation partner Quavo”.

Quavo leverages its KYC accelerator to both ensure industry best practices and minimize implementation time frames. KYC certifies that all customers and related parties are fully risk rated and investigated before doing business, and that periodic reviews are enforced thereafter.

Chartis has given Pega a category leader status in their KYC/CLM Risk Tech quadrants. Their customers include many of the top 100 global financial institutions like American Express, Rabobank, TD Ameritrade and others.

Quavo has just completed an implementation a full customer service solution at Euro Pacific Bank, providing a 360 degree perspective of their customers and managing key processes to ensure timeliness, quality and compliance.

About Euro Pacific Bank

Euro Pacific Bank and its subsidiaries are established in the international banking, brokerage, mutual fund and financial services industry, with roots dating back over 15 years. The Bank seeks to differentiate itself to its global clientele by offering superior services and a diverse range of financial products, all through a stable banking model.

The Bank has a strong focus on compliance and utilizes modern technology and infrastructure, as well as key partnerships, to provide a world class banking experience.

About Quavo, Inc.

Quavo, Inc. is a fintech provider of industry-leading, automated dispute management solutions to issuing financial institutions. Quavo’s Disputes-as-a-Service offering features automated software, AI technology, and human intelligence services for financial organizations of all sizes. Their goal is to establish and advance the industry standard in fraud and dispute management by instituting best-in-class principles, delivering unparalleled technology, and advocating for change in their community.

We offer full, end-to-end automation software for managing fraud and disputes, supported with complete Reg E, Reg Z, Nacha compliance, and network mandates. Quavo’s offering includes QFD™ automated dispute management software, ARIA™ dispute management AI, and Dispute Resolution Experts™ human intelligence services.

Quavo believes in providing a supportive and collaborative environment where the best financial and tech minds work together to drive client success, providing groundbreaking dispute management software and solutions. Learn more online at or by emailing us at [email protected].

Press Statement – Our Response to Recent Inaccurate Media Stories

Published: October 19, 2020

In addition to yesterday’s press statement, Euro Pacific Bank confirms it has not been contacted by any foreign regulators or taxing authorities about the inaccurate allegations asserted as factual in a story published yesterday in The Age, an Australian news organization now working with the New York Times.

We welcome the opportunity to provide the correct information to any government authority and are willing to spend as much time in person with those agencies at the Bank’s offices as necessary to show them the strength of our first-class compliance programs.

The former Euro Pacific Bank employee who spoke to this news corporation made a number of baseless and unsubstantiated claims about the Bank, as did a former Australian law enforcement officer, now working as a for-hire consultant. Neither of them has had any contact with the Bank about its compliance policies and programs, nor has any knowledge about the Bank, its officers, nor its compliance practices.

As the Bank has repeatedly shared with the ever-persistent reporters, banking regulations and legal statutes restrict the public disclosure of private client account information. We follow the law and do not believe the press is entitled to private banking information. However, the Bank can share that all of our accounts are regularly subjected to additional review, and any non-compliant accounts are rejected or closed because of the Bank’s rigorous and on-going compliance programs.

Euro Pacific Bank complies with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to its business operations and makes that clear on its website to all prospective and present clients and business partners.


Press Statement – Claims Made by Australian Daily Newspaper

Published: October 18, 2020

Euro Pacific Bank has received some negative mention in news stories over the weekend. The stories claim that a relatively few citizens in one country have used their accounts at the Bank to evade taxes and that the Bank’s compliance programs have failed to catch and reject them as clients. Nothing could be further from the truth, as described in our new press statement.

While by law and regulation we are not permitted to discuss specific banking clients with the press and public, such accounts are regularly rejected or closed because our compliance programs and employees are first rate.

We are proud of our successes and our compliance department has grown dramatically over the last 4 years. For instance, our new compliance units ensure that we have robust tools to enhance our first line of defense in the business development, onboarding, and customer services departments.

Despite this recent negative press, the Bank remains fully compliant with all regulations and is very secure in the international banking and business communities. We are also pleased to say that despite the Covid 19 pandemic, which has badly hurt so many individuals and businesses and caused worldwide job insecurity, we remain successful, our accounts are secure, our clients are supportive, and the Bank’s staff remains fully employed and engaged with our clients.

No one likes to be the subject of negative stories but with your continued support, and with the excellent work of our compliance staff and programs, we will continue to ably serve our international clients with their personal and business banking needs.

eBanking Platform Update: May 2020

Published: November 25, 2019

New Features

New eBanking Support Center

We are happy to announce the initial release of the eBanking Support Center, our new dynamic case management platform that replaces your Messages module to become your new primary method of communicating with us. Now, you’ll be able to create trackable cases that will greatly improve your organization and tracking.

Learn more →


Dashboard Disclaimer

We have added a disclaimer on your eBanking home page below your Product Dashboard, which defines what each product (Current Accounts, Time Deposits, Precious Metals, etc.) and clarifies how they are regulated.

Bug Fixes

Mutual Fund Maintenance

Mutual funds undergo administrative and system maintenance once every business day, called EOD maintenance. Previously, when submitting a mutual fund trade, eBanking would return an error. Now, an appropriate message will appear: “Mutual fund trading is unavailable during this time. Please try again during business hours.”

Trading Movements Statement

When generating a Trading Movements report for your historical precious metal or mutual fund trades, the date column was not sorting the rows in chronological order. It is now sorting correctly, whether ascending or descending.

Introducing eBanking Support Center

Published May 25, 2020

Today’s online banking customers expect service to be fast, easy, and accurate. However, some large organizations cannot satisfy those demands with legacy technology and processes. That’s why Euro Pacific Bank has spent the last year developing the most important customer service component of your eBanking platform.

Today, we’re happy to announce the initial release of the eBanking Support Center, your new primary method of communicating with us.

Moving forward, instead of sending us a secure message, please create a trackable case inside your Support Center. Please note that the Messages module will remain available so we can send informational updates and notices to you.

support center
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Featuring industry-leading, dynamic case management


Better organized

In a complex global banking environment, we’ll connect you to the right people for a more consistent customer service experience. The Support Center connects your inquiry to the right staff, data, and processes the first time around.


Real-time tracking

View and the complete life cycle of your case for end-to-end resolution. Each of your case IDs will track related information, automate and assign outstanding tasks, and provide us the tools we need to resolve your case quickly.


Faster resolutions

Conveniently view and complete outstanding requirements within each case, without ever losing the context of our conversation. Support center is built on top of our existing eBanking infrastructure, therefore allows us to access the relevant information we need to answer your questions faster.


Our Response to COVID-19

Published: March 13, 2020

Dear Client,

Just like you, we are closely monitoring new developments regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Euro Pacific Bank is fully functional and taking all necessary precautions to continue our business operations.

This includes redundancy of operations across our international offices, alternate work sites, and additional secure devices for key personnel, all in accordance with our local government’s recommendations.

Your well-being and the safety of our colleagues are our first priority.

We’ve also taken numerous precautions to keep our offices and our customers safe, including expanded work-from-home capability and division of labor.

Experiencing delays?

As a result of these changes, processing and response speeds may temporarily be slower than normal. We are confident that we will return to full efficiency soon.

As an online, international bank that values safety and adaptability, we look forward to continuing working with you through the current situation and beyond.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to create a case or call our Client Services team at +1-888-527-4041.

Thanks for your attention and being a valued customer.


Euro Pacific Bank Management Team

eBanking Platform Update: November 2019

Published: November 25, 2019

New Features

New eBanking Dashboard currencies

Your Dashboard is located on the home page of your eBanking. It is a convenient way to view the total assets you hold at the bank, including current accounts, precious metals, mutual funds, and later brokerage accounts.

Today, we are happy to announce that you are now able to view your Dashboard not only in US dollars terms, but in all account currencies. This is particularly helpful to clients who are accustomed to measuring their assets in euros, pounds, and other currencies.


Faster attachment uploads

When sending us a secure message, attachment file processing has been improved, resulting in faster file uploads and less timeout issues.

Mutual fund downtime notice

Mutual funds undergo “close of business” (COB) maintenance every business day, which results in an error message when trying to buy or sell a fund. We have improved the error message to instruct you to input your request during business hours.

Bug Fixes

Standing Order errors

We have fixed a number of issues with inputting and modifying Standing Orders, also known as “Recurring” transfers.

Trading Movement records missing

If you transferred an investment position into one of your Trading accounts, the movement was previously not visible. This has been fixed and you can now see all position movement transactions in your Trading Movements screen.

eBanking Platform Update: April 2019

Published: April 24, 2019

New Features

Mass Payments Now Available

Introducing eBanking’s newest feature, Mass Payments. Mass Payments allows you to make multiple transfers using a single CSV file instead of manually entering each one, saving you time and energy. This feature is especially helpful if you conduct payroll and a large volume of wire transfers every month. Mass Payments is available in your eBanking now. Supported transfer types are International, Between Own Accounts, and other Euro Pacific Account, as well as Card Top Up.

Please see our User Guide to learn how to use it.

eBanking Support Widget

In the bottom right corner of your eBanking, you will now have access to the Support Widget, which is a tool that searches our knowledge base of common policies and procedures. Over time, as more questions are posed in the Support Widget, we will create more content to answer your frequently-asked questions.

New Message

Bug Fixes

We made a minor change to the wording on your International Transfer page to clarify that we need either an Account Number or IBAN—not both.

eBanking Platform Update: April 2019

Published: April 1, 2019


Beneficiary Template Expanded

You’ve found transfer Beneficiary templates very helpful, so we’ve added new fields to the template when you request International and Euro Pacific (user to user) transfers. Now with new fields such Amount, Reason for Payment, Payment Details, Charging Instruction, and more, you can request these transfers quickly, easily, and with minimal additional data input.

Bank Card History Improved

If your bank card begins with 5295, we have added the merchant name and other important transaction identifying information to your Statement History.

Transaction Handling Improved

We’ve continued to improve how transactions are processed internally, with the end goal of automated processing and real-time transaction updates. In this release, we’re happy to announce more accurate transaction statuses at all times and reducing manual intervention.

Bug Fixes

Bank Card +/- Symbols Corrected

If your bank card begins with 5295, we fixed an issue where the Statement History was not showing a proper +/- sign depending on a debit or credit entry.

Special Characters

We’ve fixed an issue preventing you from submitting certain special characters in the message body. We’ve expanded the message field to allow some important currency symbols, including: !$%()_+-=:”;’?,./€£