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Global Trading, Euro Pacific Bank’s wholly owned brokerage subsidiary, has been serving investors for the last twelve years. Their award winning, white label trading platform has made them a premier player in the minds of investors world-wide.

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Global Trading’s award winning platforms, Global TradeStation (GTS) and MetaTrader 4, are the absolute most efficient link between investors and financial markets. Now you can trade on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet so that you are connected to the market no matter where in the world you might be.

See Trading Platforms whether you are a multi-asset or an MetaTrader 4 forex trader, and Solutions for Asset Managers if you manage your own clients.

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Trade over 180 currency crosses on live streaming prices. Auto-fill up to EUR 20 million on most major crosses. Streaming Forex prices on vanilla and binary options.
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Trade 500+ online futures contracts on 11 exchanges and pit-trade futures too!. Invest in metals, agriculture, energy and other commodities globally.
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Trade stocks on over 30 global exchanges. Invest directly in North American, Europe, Asia and more highly competitive prices. All equity positions are fully segregated.
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Enhance your trading with over 800+ Stock Options in markets throughout the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
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Leverage stocks from 36 exchanges. Invest directly in 10 major stock indices with Index CFDs.
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Access to the global bond market. Diversify your portfolio with global fixed income options.
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