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Euro Pacific Trader

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Euro Pacific Trader, a brokerage account powered by a new technology provider and custodian has been officially released and we are accepting new applications. Apply now through the Euro Pacific eBanking portal.


Your gateway to the world’s markets

Euro Pacific Securities Inc. presents its premier multi-asset brokerage account, Euro Pacific Trader. You’ll be able to access stocks, options, futures, forex, fixed income, and ETFs through your choice of four powerful platforms.



Premium trading technology

Presenting four powerful platforms designed with the professional as well as beginner trader in mind: TraderPro, Client Portal, WebTrader, and MobileTrader. The award-winning trading technology is a result of 41+ years of automating back-end processes to reduce trading costs.


Expansive product offering

Trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds across 125 markets, 31 countries, and 24 currencies with our own unique suite of advanced order types, algos and sophisticated trading tools. No hidden price spreads or markups—just transparent, low commissions.


More exchanges, more currencies

Stay connected to the global markets. Receive direct market access to global stocks, options, futures, forex, fixed income, and ETFs , 24 hours a day and six days a week. In addition, get real-time access to comprehensive news, research, fundamentals and market data. You can even fund and trade in multiple currencies, all from a single account.


Transparent, low pricing

Offering some of the lowest commissions on stocks, options, futures, forex and fixed income worldwide, as well as transparent, low financing rates and best price execution minimize your costs and maximize your returns. The Trader continuously evaluates fast-changing market conditions and dynamically re-routes your order to achieve optimal execution and savings.