Euro Pacific Bank

What is an Operating Agreement?

An Operating Agreement (or OA) is essentially your internal client profile at Euro Pacific Bank, composed of your:

  1. Corporate or Personal Activities
  2. Wire Transfer Senders/Destinations, also known as Partners
  3. Personal Background

Your OA dictates what transactions our Operations team will and will not action. Therefore, we require your assistance updating it periodically in order to quickly and efficiently approve your transactions.

If you have any other resources or references that we can use in updating your OA, please notify us.

How is the maintenance fee assessed?

The monthly account maintenance fee is assessed on a per client basis. This means that clients are not billed additionally for having multiple currency accounts. The maintenance fee is assessed on the 1st day of every month

What is the “Blocked Amount”?

Each client has a certain amount of funds (determined on the Bank’s fees page) which will be “blocked” upon their initial deposit. The block acts as a security measure to ensure the client does not zero out their account and is thus put into a position where they cannot pay the required monthly maintenace fee. The Bank will return the blocked value (or whatever remains) when the client opts to close their account.