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Managed Account Product Conversion

managed account conversion

Dear managed account clients,

Since the inception of Euro Pacific Bank, we’ve offered two managed products – managed accounts and managed funds – also known as ‘Separately Managed Accounts’, advised by Euro Pacific Advisors, and ‘Mutual Funds’, offered by Euro Pacific Funds.

Both products offer the same professional fund management team, the same strategies, and same holdings/securities.

In our ongoing efforts to provide a better user experience, our Managed Account product will be automatically converting into the managed Mutual Fund products, starting on March 1, 2020. As a result of this change, you will receive several benefits outlined below – primarily lower cost, improved access/viewing, and more control.

We are making this change for several reasons.

1. Improved access and viewing.

We’ve heard your feedback and many of you prefer to view your holdings directly inside your eBanking, as opposed to logging into a separate portal Client Portal.

Moving forward, after this product conversion, you will see your portfolio(s) directly and conveniently in your eBanking Dashboard under the “Mutual Fund” product category:

managed account conversion

Note: Viewing your Managed Account has required you to log into the Client Portal of either our previous brokerage custodian, Saxo Bank, as well as the new custodian, Interactive Brokers1, the primary place to view your assets was their separate Client Portals.

2. To lower cost.

By converting to Mutual Funds, we will be significantly reducing your managed account’s ongoing trading costs.

In other words, managed accounts are charged 2% per annum for management and standard brokerage commissions for each stock trade, while mutual funds are only charged 2%.

Through sharing of trading costs, the brokerage commissions are almost eliminated, resulting in improved long-term performance.

3. Better customer fit.

The Mutual Funds were originally designed for clients who wanted to be professionally managed, but had less than $100,000. Due to the higher operational and administrative costs, they were charged a 4.75% sales charge (front-end load) to buy, in addition to the 2% annual management fee.

However, the 4.75% sales charge has been permanently waived since February 25, 2019, due to major upgrades to our banking technology and the desire to be more competitive with ETFs.

What this means to you is that there are now very few differences between Managed Accounts and Mutual Funds, making the Funds a superior product for most clients. Again, the two products have the same management team, same strategies, and same holdings.

Your next steps

1. Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments, please schedule a call with our Sales & Trading team. We’re happy to elaborate on the explanation above.

2. We will process the conversion for you.

Starting March 1, 2020, we will start manually converting your Managed Accounts and you will see your assets in your eBanking dashboard shortly after.


  • Please note that during the product conversion, the Managed Account holdings will be sold and the equivalent Fund(s) will be invested the same day by our Operations team.
  • The original Open Prices of each stock position will be reset, which means your Profit & Loss percentage will start over, from the conversion date. The account value will not be affected, so if you’d like to gauge P&L since inception, we can help you with the simple calculation.
  • Because positions are sold, it could mean a taxable event, based on your particular tax situation.
  • Because positions are sold, standard brokerage sell commissions will apply. All stock positions are currently with our custodian Interactive Brokers, so you can expect relatively low commissions.

3. Optional opt out

If there’s any reason you do not want to participate in this product conversion, we will have an “opt-out” procedure shortly.

We believe that this change will make your banking and investing easier, improve performance, and will allow us to provide you more investment options moving forward.


Euro Pacific Advisors Management Team

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What is the difference between a Mutual Fund and a Separately Managed Account?

Euro Pacific Bank mutual funds and separately managed accounts are both managed investment products. You can buy a mutual fund with a smaller upfront investment, a minimum of $2,500, whereas a separately managed account has a $100,000 minimum opening balance.

If you want a more personalized approach, a managed account is individually and separately managed. Unlike a mutual fund, all the transactions are made in your account, under your name. Managed account clients also receive a Client Portal, where they can watch their account being managed by Euro Pacific Bank in real time.

The same team, Euro Pacific Advisors, will be managing both the mutual funds and the separately managed accounts.