Euro Pacific Bank


Our Story

Euro Pacific Bank was launched in 2011 with the goal of making banking Safe, Digital, and Global.

Seismic shifts in the financial system since 2008 have driven depositors to look for alternative banking solutions. In today’s digital, global marketplace, many depositors seek conservative banks whose products are better designed for their international lives and businesses.

Many traditional banking services such as loans, mortgages, credit cards, and trade finance are not offered. Instead, we focus on transactional banking, brokerage, and investment services. In fact, 100% of our margins are derived from transaction fees, service fees, and commissions only—not lending or proprietary trading.

Why Choose Us?



Euro Pacific is a full-reserve bank. This unique business model was created in response to the increasing risks seen in global banks and financial markets. As a full-reserve bank, we maintain 100% liquidity, 100% capitalization, and zero loans. This structure is a key facet of our business model and has become a driving force behind our growth and client retention.



In today’s banking environment, having an online-first model is necessary to capture the businesses of a globalized economy. Conduct international payments, convert currencies at competitive foreign exchange rates, and invest internationally, all from our convenient eBanking online portal.



Since our inception, we’ve focused on building a truly global bank. Our online, multi-channel access provides account holders with 24/7 access to their accounts, regardless of where they are located. Further, through a diverse product offering, clients enjoy access to multiple currencies and global investment markets.

Business Summary

Euro Pacific Bank is licensed in Puerto Rico as an International Bank (IFE), with subsidiaries throughout the Caribbean offering a wide array of financial products and services, including international banking, brokerage, and mutual funds.

The Bank’s unique full-reserve policy provides clients the safety and stability they require to manage their global finances. The Bank is also able to pass along foreign exchange savings rates of up to 80% over traditional retail banks. It does this through Euro Pacific Securities, the Bank’s wholly owned broker-dealer with a 19-year old operating history.