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Does the Bank Card draw directly from my gold or silver holdings in my Precious Metals Account?

No. When you want to spend some of your gold or silver, you will need to sell a portion of your metals holdings. The proceeds will be deposited in to your Cash Account, where they can be loaded onto the Bank Card.

This process ensures that you are aware of the costs incurred during purchasing and selling physical metals, and more importantly that you are protected during a theft of your Bank Card, as card funding is restricted daily.

Are there any storage fees?

Gold – No storage fee, no annual or monthly minimums.

Silver – Yearly storage fee of 0.95% on current Silver holding. No annual or monthly minimums.

Purchase Gold and Silver for Storage

offshore gold storage
Euro Pacific Bank is an approved dealer of the Perth Mint in Australia.

The Precious Metals Storage Account is composed of Euro Pacific Bank’s government guaranteed, physical gold and silver accounts, giving you the security of physical precious metals while providing the convenience and access of a private bank.

Buying and storing precious metals

Easily convert cash in your bank account into physical gold and/or silver following the steps below. Note that purchases must be made in USD or AUD, so if you have another currency please use the Currency Conversion tool in your Online Banking.

1. Log into your Online Banking > Accounts screen > Precious Metals Accounts section > Trade Precious Metals button.

Precious Metals Storage Account
Log into your Precious Metals Storage Account by clicking “Trade Precious Metals”.

2. Select the type of metal you would like to convert into (XAU or XAG), from your USD or AUD balance.

3. You have a choice of two order methods: Instant Fill and Delayed Fill. See Commission Rates for each method.

  • Instant Fill Order – Fixed commission, however your order can be placed and executed instantly 24/7 at the market rate.
  • Buy Gold
    Enter your purchase Amount or Weight, select your currency account, and click “Buy”.
    Buy Gold
    You will receive a confirmation message for your purchase and your precious metals holdings will be immediately visible on the summary below the order box.
  • Delayed Fill Order – Because we only fill delayed orders during The Perth Mint’s morning trading hours, Delayed Fill Orders have a reduced commission. The minimum for a Delayed Fill Order is $5,000.00.
  • Buy Gold
    Click the “Offline Order” button and manually enter your order via message by specifying:
    1. Amount of USD or AUD to be spent, or ounces to be purchased.
    2. Whether the purchase is gold, silver, or a mix of both.
    3. Click “Send” to submit the order to our Sales & Trading department.
    Buy Gold
    You will receive confirmation that the order has been received. The order will be filled within one business day, and you will see your holdings in your Precious Metals Accounts section thereafter.

Selling your precious metals

At any time, you may liquidate a portion or all of your precious metals holdings using the same process outlined above, and your cash proceeds will be deposited back into your bank account within one business day.