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Precious Metals Storage Account

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Gold and silver have historically been excellent ways to preserve one’s purchasing power over the long term. However, in today’s world it does not act well as a medium of exchange. In contrast, many of the world’s fiat currencies are now being questioned as a store of value, but are still used predominately for exchange. Euro Pacific Bank has introduced the world’s first Gold and Silver Debit Card to solve this problem. Now, in a cost effective manner, clients can have a bank account denominated in gold and/or silver that has a debit card associated with it.

offshore gold storage
Euro Pacific Bank is an approved dealer of the Perth Mint in Australia.

Euro Pacific Bank’s Precious Metals Storage Account and debit cards are the complete solution for precious metals investors. Clients will maintain access to their purchasing power despite what local capital restrictions, or government controls may be imposed. If you want to leave the country there is no need to travel with physical metal holdings when card access is available.

Account Features:

  • 100% physically backed and guaranteed
  • Private and secure offshore storage
  • Buy and sell online 24 hours/day
  • Competitive gold and silver prices
  • Worldwide access to your metals
  • Minimal risk for confiscation

How Does the Card Work?

silver bullion storage

The debit card we issue is accepted in over 210 countries and territories and millions of merchants worldwide. You will be able to track account transactions online through our banking software.

The card must be linked to a Euro Pacific Bank cash account. Once this account is activated with the minimum deposit (see below), the debit card can be purchased. This process may take up to three weeks.

In order to use your debit card, it must be funded with cash. In addition to your initial minimum deposit, more cash can be placed into your Euro Pacific Bank Account at any time via wire transfers. You then fund your debit card from monies held within your Euro Pacific Bank Account and use the debit card to make purchases worldwide.

You can also increase the balance in your Euro Pacific Bank Account by selling your gold and silver holdings. All buying and selling of precious metals are done in USD or AUD.

Purchasing a Gold/Silver Backed Card

The primary cost for a new card holder is the initial purchase of the card, which is a one-time fee of $150. This fee covers the cost of the card and delivery charges for regular mail. Clients outside of continental Europe are recommend to also opt for trackable courier service. The purchase of the debit card is not mandatory. You can still open a gold and silver storage account without purchasing the card. The card simply provides a facility for more quick and secure access to your funds.

Approved Dealer Status

Euro Pacific Bank has approved dealer status at the Perth Mint, making us the world’s only offshore bank with this type of relationship. You can review the Bank’s listing directly from the Perth Mint website.

Secure Storage

Physical gold and silver bars at the Perth Mint in Australia - © 2012 The Perth Mint
Physical gold and silver bars in the Perth Mint Depository. © 2012 The Perth Mint.

Through the Perth Mint in Australia, Euro Pacific Bank holds all precious metals through the Perth Mint Depository Program (PMDP).

Euro Pacific Bank is audited and is regulated by the International Financial Authority (IFSA) and the international accounting firm KPMG. In addition, the Perth Mint is wholly owned by the Western Australian Government and audited regularly (triple A rated).

  • Geographically isolated with stable economic and political systems
  • Major source of world gold supply; refines over 400 tonnes of gold per year
  • Supplies Gold and Silver blanks to mints worldwide
  • Insured by international insurers and by the Australian Government
  • Follows advanced physical, electronic and procedural security protocols

For more details on the Perth Mint’s storage program and the safety of your metals, we encourage you to read this analysis of their gold and silver storage facilities and security.

Fees to Buy, Sell and Store

Trading Costs

Gold and silver are purchased and sold at the spot price + commission.

Two Purchase Options:

  1. Instant Fill – buy/sell is executed instantly upon buy/sell request
  2. Delayed Fill – buy/sell is executed during Perth Mints business hours (8am–4pm UTC+08)
Instant Fill Orders BUY SELL
$1 – $100,000 4.00% 4.00%
Delayed (Offline) Fill Orders* BUY SELL
$5000 – $19,999 3.00% 0.50%
$20,000- $49,999 2.50% 0.50%
$50,000 – $99,999 2.25% 0.50%
$100,000 – $499,999 2.00% 0.50%
$500,000 – $999,999 1.50% 0.50%
$1,000,000 + 1.00% 0.50%

*Offline trades are executed during Perth Mint business hours, gold orders must be placed during bank business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm). Please note that only market orders are accepted.

Annual Storage Fees

Precious Metal Type GOLD SILVER
Fee (debited quarterly from bank account) 0.00% 0.95%

Taking Delivery

Clients can request physical delivery of their metals holdings.

  • Minimum of $10,000
  • Your holdings will need to be converted into bars and/or coins of your choice before shipment
  • Fabrication premium and a Processing Fee of 0.50% will be applied
  • Delivery is completed via insured and track-able courier service