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Euro Pacific Funds SCC Ltd. is an open end public fund company that sponsors the Euro Pacific family of funds. The active funds include:

  • International Balanced Fund
  • International Growth Fund
  • Gold and Precious Metals Fund
  • Natural Resources Fund
  • International Moderate Fund (Coming Soon)

Historical Fund Returns — (1 YEAR ANN. RETURNS)


Mutual Fund NAVs

Fund NameNAVChangeInception Date
International Balanced Fund SCC9.41-0.5914th July 2011
Gold and Precious Metals Fund SCC5.54-4.4614th July 2011
International Growth Fund SCC9.21-0.7919th July 2011
Natural Resources Fund SCC4.76-5.2414th July 2011
Last Update: October 20, 2020 4:54 pm

Fund Prospectus

View our fund prospectus to learn about all available funds.