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Euro Pacific Funds, SCC Ltd. is an open end public fund company that sponsors the Euro Pacific family of funds. The active funds include International Value Fund, Natural Resources Fund, High Yield Fund, and Gold and Precious Metals Fund.


The company was formed in order to provide a platform of actively managed investment products in line with Peter Schiff’s investment philosophy. Each product is intended to provide access to Peter Schiff’s top-down international investment approach, focusing on countries and currencies believed to have the most favorable fundamentals.

Historical Fund Returns — (1 YEAR ANN. RETURNS)


Mutual Fund NAVs

Fund NameSymbolNAVChangeInception Date
Last Update: October 16, 2017 3:34 pm
Global High Yield Equity Fund SCCEPGHYF9.58-0.4214th July 2011
Gold and Precious Metals Fund SCCEPGPMF4.31-5.6914th July 2011
International Value Fund SCCEPINVF8.86-1.1419th July 2011
Natural Resources Fund SCCEPNARF6.66-3.3414th July 2011

Fund Prospectus

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