Euro Pacific Bank

Press Statement – Our Response to Recent Inaccurate Media Stories

Published: October 19, 2020

In addition to yesterday’s press statement, Euro Pacific Bank confirms it has not been contacted by any foreign regulators or taxing authorities about the inaccurate allegations asserted as factual in a story published yesterday in The Age, an Australian news organization now working with the New York Times.

We welcome the opportunity to provide the correct information to any government authority and are willing to spend as much time in person with those agencies at the Bank’s offices as necessary to show them the strength of our first-class compliance programs.

The former Euro Pacific Bank employee who spoke to this news corporation made a number of baseless and unsubstantiated claims about the Bank, as did a former Australian law enforcement officer, now working as a for-hire consultant. Neither of them has had any contact with the Bank about its compliance policies and programs, nor has any knowledge about the Bank, its officers, nor its compliance practices.

As the Bank has repeatedly shared with the ever-persistent reporters, banking regulations and legal statutes restrict the public disclosure of private client account information. We follow the law and do not believe the press is entitled to private banking information. However, the Bank can share that all of our accounts are regularly subjected to additional review, and any non-compliant accounts are rejected or closed because of the Bank’s rigorous and on-going compliance programs.

Euro Pacific Bank complies with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to its business operations and makes that clear on its website to all prospective and present clients and business partners.