Euro Pacific Bank

Time Deposits

Min. Deposit


Many depositors seeking steady returns, principle protection, and liquidity are experiencing increasing challenges in an environment where many interest rates around the world are historically low.

In response, the Euro Pacific Bank Time Deposit may be a suitable and conservative solution.

Account Features:

  • Higher interest rates
  • Multiple currency options
  • No maximum deposit terms
  • Automatic rollover
  • Interest paid and compounded monthly
  • Monthly redemption and subscription

Deposit Rates and Terms

Currency Term Interest Rate*
There are currently no time deposits available.

Account Benefits

Euro Pacific Bank Time Deposits combine reasonable returns and a conservative banking philosophy.

  • Variable interest rates are higher than a standard bank account
  • Euro Pacific Bank non-lending policy ensures safety of your deposit
  • An effective way to diversify your currency risk and getting exposure to AUD and NZD
  • Fast and convenient account opening

Take Action

Speak to your own private banker about opening a Time Deposit.

*More on interest rates

  • Interest rates are quoted in % per annum
  • Interest rates last updated on 16 Mar 2018
  • Rates are subject to change
  • Special rates are not available in conjunction with any bonus interest or other special rates offered by EPB
  • If you’re on a special or standard rate and your time deposit rolls over automatically, the Time Deposit may be automatically re-invested at a lower rate than the current interest rate.

Special time deposits

Call us to invest amounts over $250,000

Risks & Considerations

Time Deposits are designed to be held to maturity and may result in loss of principal due to fluctuations in the value of the deposit currency relative to the base currency. Keep in mind that currency prices are generally unpredictable and may be influenced by a number of different factors. All clients should consider the foreign exchange risk associated with holding AUD/NZD denominated deposits.