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User’s Guide

What types of accounts/currencies are available?

Clients have access to bank accounts denominated in EUR/USD/GBP/CAD/AUD/JPY/NZD/CHF/PLN as well as GOLD and SILVER. Clients also have access to investment accounts, which range from brokerage accounts, mutual fund accounts and Separately Managed Accounts.

To learn more about the product suite at the bank please refer to our products section.

Please contact the bank if you have interest in other currency account options.

Do I have an IBAN?

Currently, St. Vincent & the Grenadines does not participate in IBAN (International Bank Account Number). Therefore, Euro Pacific Bank clients do not have IBANs and should revert to their standard MT103 wiring instructions.

If your sending institution is mandating that an IBAN is needed, we recommend that you communicate to them that the transfer is a SWIFT payment, which is routed through a SWIFT code (also known as BIC code) and an account number. Often, many sending institutions request IBANs because they are accustomed to using them.

Incoming Wire Transfer Guidelines

In an effort to continually improve your banking experience and adapt to the ever-changing regulatory environment, we urge you to follow these best practices to ensure that INCOMING wires are received successfully:

  1. No PO Box addresses – Wires from bank accounts associated with a PO Boxes will be rejected by our correspondent banking network. **VERY IMPORTANT**
  2. Add Economic Purpose – All incoming wires should include the economic purpose of the payment in the SWIFT field 70 (also known as the “Message to Beneficiary” or Reference/Information field). Wires that do not state the economic purpose will be returned by our correspondent banking network. **VERY IMPORTANT**
  3. Is an Intermediary Bank necessary?
    • If for any reason you cannot specify our Intermediary Bank, you may omit our Intermediary Bank, and thereby acknowledge that the sending bank must retrieve the correct intermediary route from the SWIFT system. By omitting our Intermediary Bank, you risk that your funds are routed to an incorrect or outdated Intermediary Bank. We accept no liability if the wire transfer does not arrive successfully for any reason.
    • If your EPB wire transfer instruction does not include an Intermediary Bank, one will not be required.
  4. Do I have an IBAN? Currently, St. Vincent & the Grenadines does not participate in IBAN (International Bank Account Number). Therefore, Euro Pacific Bank clients do not have IBANs and should revert to their standard MT103 wiring instructions. Learn more here.
  5. When will I receive my wire transfer? Arrival of your funds depend on the processing time of the sending bank and the intermediary bank(s) in the payment chain. As soon as the funds arrive, we will update your Online Banking recent transactions. Please monitor your transactions before inquiring about the status of your wire transfer.
  6. How much will we charge for the incoming wire? We credit the exact amount our corresponding bank receives, followed by our incoming wire fee. A full list of fees are published here. We accept no liability if an intermediary bank in the payment chain charges a transfer fee.
  7. How do I know where my funds are during transit? Unfortunately, if your funds have not arrived, we have no way of knowing its status. To know exactly where your funds are within the banking channel, please request your sending bank to perform a wire trace.
  8. Wire Repair Fees – A wire repair fee will be assessed if an incoming wire transfer is not executed in proper MT103 format, meaning information is missing, misplaced, incorrect, or a combination. You are responsible for monitoring your Online Banking transactions, and if you are assessed a wire repair fee, that you read the reason and rectify the formatting issue with the sending bank for your future transfers.

We hope this helps and if you encounter wiring issues, please contact your Private Banker or e-mail [email protected] with the information above.

What are the trading commissions for brokerage?

Commissions depend on the security. Please see our Trading Conditions for more information.

Do I need to create an incoming wire request?

Creating an incoming wire request speeds up the processing of your wire and allows our staff to better manage your account. While creating an incoming wire request is optional, it is strongly recommended for non reoccurring deposits.

What is an Operating Agreement?

An Operating Agreement (or OA) is essentially your internal client profile at Euro Pacific Bank, composed of your:

  1. Corporate or Personal Activities
  2. Wire Transfer Senders/Destinations, also known as Partners
  3. Personal Background

Your OA dictates what transactions our Operations team will and will not action. Therefore, we require your assistance updating it periodically in order to quickly and efficiently approve your transactions.

If you have any other resources or references that we can use in updating your OA, please notify us.

When will I receive my Bank Card?

All card orders are shipped 8 days after our card supplier receives our card request, which is sent to them every Wednesday. Be sure to enter your Card Request on or before Tuesday to avoid waiting until the following week.

After our card supplier ships the card, they send us the tracking code. There may be a slight delay between the shipment and when we receive the tracking code to forward to you, so thank you in advance for being patient.

Reporting a lost or stolen card

Call the IVR number (see below for options) and follow the steps provided to immediately block the card and/or report it stolen.

  • +44 (0) 203 327 1991
  • +44 (0) 203 468 4112
  • +44 (0) 207 183 2248
  • +1 551 333 9989

Alternatively you can login to your web banking account and click the “Block Card” button next to your card number on the “Accounts” screen.

To order a replacement card, please follow the normal proceudre for requesting a card through the banking software. Alternatively you can contact +44(0) 20 7127 6841 and speak with an agent during UK business hours to request a replacement card.

Currency Conversions

Once you’ve funded your account, you may have bank accounts in multiple currencies and convert them by request. Currencies currently available are USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, NZD, JPY, CHF, and PLN.

1. Log into your Online Banking > Transfers tab > Transfer Type Transfer Between Different Currencies Accounts.

2. Complete all relevant details.

Transfer Between Different Currency Accounts
Your online currency conversion tool.

3. If you do not have a specific currency account opened you cannot transfer into that currency, or send/receive funds in that currency. Request that an additional currency account be opened by sending an
Online Banking message

Please note that most currency conversions take 1 business day to complete.