Euro Pacific Bank

Trading API

Euro Pacific Securities enables institutional clients and their end customers to trade FX, CFDs, Futures, Options and other derivatives via three award-winning trading platforms or via API connectivity. Euro Pacific Securities has a strong API trading offering with liquidity tailored to your trading requirements and business needs.


  • International trading and operation
  • Tier1 liquidity and product access
  • Extremely low spreads and commissions
  • Manage and trade fully online
  • Extend your current platform and offering
  • Dedicated and professional support 24/7

Deep Liquidity across Multiple Assets in Single or Multiple Bands

With a single API, clients can trade FX, CFDs (Indices and Commodities), CFD DMA, Stocks and Futures.

MT4 FIX Bridge

Dedicated liquidity channels with single or multiple bands according to your desired depth of liquidity help Retail Aggregators enhance the customer trading experience by limiting single customer rejection.

Unique liquidity streams serve Asset Managers looking for liquidity at competitive rates.

Technical Facilitators add value to their broker trading solutions by streaming Euro Pacific Securities’s deep multi asset liquidity.

Multi-Asset Liquidity

Asset Class Instruments Session Types Order Types
FX Spot Spot FX incl. Gold and Silver Quote Session with tradable prices and Order Routing Session Market, Limit, Stop and related orders
CFD* Stock Indices Quote Session with indicative prices and Order Routing Session Market, Limit and Stop orders
Expiring CFDs* Commodities
Stock Indices
Quote Session with indicative prices and Order Routing Session Market, Limit and Stop orders
CFD DMA Single stocks Order Routing Session Only Market, Limit and Stop orders
Stocks/ETFs and ETCs 30 exchanges Order Routing Session Only Market, Limit and Stop orders
Futures 21 exchanges Order Routing Session Only Market, Limit and Stop orders

*Not all instruments are available on the quote session although they can be traded through the API

Excellence in Trade Execution

With Euro Pacific Securities, you benefit from optimal pricing and speed of execution at low slippage rates.  Our liquidity is distinct and competitively priced. During US and early Asian hours, we are amongst the most competitive in the industry.

We customize setups to cater for different flows and to strike the desired balance with each client between tight spreads and low rejection rates.

Market orders are truly filled ‘at-best’ with clients receiving both positive and negative slippage. If FX trade requests on ‘published quotes’ are rejected due to exceptionally fast markets i.e. when the price moves too much against or in favour of the client, this happens equally and symmetrically in all instances.

On-going Monitoring to Ensure Optimal Pricing

Euro Pacific Securities continually monitors trade execution and adjusts the necessary liquidity parameters to ensure that execution and pricing remain optimal for our API clients.


Paying attention to rejections and optimising the flow, we ensure that you always get the most aggressive pricing combined with world-class technical delivery.

Being a Euro Pacific Securities API client is a long term relationship, throughout which we monitor your level of trading activity to make sure that we continue to align with your needs and use.

Leverage Euro Pacific Securities’s Integration Points with Multiple Technology Providers

Benefit from Euro Pacific Securities’s integration points with a wide range of technology providers including MT4-MT5 bridges, trading platforms, technology vendors and trading communities. Our partners experience and existing operational setups ensure a swift and seamless API implementation process.

MT4-MT5 bridge & services providers

  • Leverate
  • PrimeXM
  • Gold-i
  • Boston Technologies
  • oneZero

Trading platform providers

  • Bloomberg – FXGO
  • Metatrader 4/5
  • cTrader
  • PFSoft

Technology vendors

  • MarketFactory
  • Integral
  • Fidessa
  • Sunguard

Trade Reporting Tools to Manage your Business

End of Day Files are flat/text files sampling all parameters of trading/account activity during the previous 24 trading hours. The format is ideal for importing into your SQL database for processing and updating your back office systems.

Trade Event Notifications are real-time notifications per trade event (client order placed, booked, funds transferred, margin calls). 

Online View-Only login for real time monitoring of customer trading accounts and overall risk exposure.

Reliable Technical Solution and Proactive Support

Our goal is to make sure that you’re up and running at all times when global markets are open.

Secure MT4 API Solution

Euro Pacific Securities’s API solution is a secure connection to your FIX trading engine and Order Management System. Our cost-efficient solution is based on a VPN connection (SSL or IPsec) and FIX Protocol.

We monitor your connection, aiming to identify and solve technical issues as they emerge. We also employ industry leading monitoring software that can be configured to send a wide variety of custom configured alerts directly to clients if desired.