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Please be advised that the fund name has been changed as reflected in the amended prospectus dated June 25th 2018 from the International Value Fund SCC to the International Growth Fund SCC.

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Fund Fact Sheet

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  • The Fund offers investor of varied means access to a diversified, actively managed portfolio. The Fund seeks to provide capital appreciation and income.
  • The Fund looks to help diversify currency risk by investing in a number of countries with positive macro-economic fundamentals (including trade surpluses, low government debt, high interest rates relative to other developing nations, and low inflation).


Under normal market conditions, the Fund will invest at least 80% of its net assets (plus any borrowings for investment purposes) in common stocks of companies located in Europe and the Pacific Rim. The Advisor considers a country to be part of Europe if it is part of the MSCI European indexes and part of the Pacific Rim if any of its borders touches the Pacific Ocean. In addition, under normal market conditions the Fund will invest at least 50% of its net assets in non-US companies. The Fund will invest in large-, mid-, and small-capitalization companies that are considered by the Advisor to be value oriented and dividend paying companies.

For Investors who are:

  1. Looking for diversification into a majority non US dollar denominated portfolio
  2. Capital appreciation and income
  3. Long term

Special Risk Factors:

Foreign Securities – The Fund invests primarily in foreign securities, which are generally riskier than U.S. securities. As a result, the Fund is subject to foreign risk, meaning that political events (such as civil unrest, national elections and imposition of exchange controls), social and economic events (such as labor strikes and rising inflation), and natural disasters occurring in a country where the Fund invests could cause the Fund’s investments in that country to experience gains or losses.

Currency Risk – Because the Fund generally invests in securities denominated in foreign currencies, the Fund is subject to currency risk, meaning that the Fund could experience gains or losses based solely on changes in the exchange rate between foreign currencies and the U.S.

Offering of the International Growth Fund SCC

50,000,000 Shares are being offered at USD 10.00 during the initial offering, which will end on Month, Day, Year and thereafter at the NAV on the applicable Valuation Date.

Minimum Raise

There is no minimum on the amount to be raised in this offering. Until redeemed, all subscriptions, once made, are irrevocable to the subscriber.

Fees and Expenses

Class A: 0% sales load and a 2.00% annual expense ratio