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Country/Region Market Center Details Products Hours
IDEAL PRO Forex Sunday – Friday: 17:15 – 17:00 ET

On some exchanges, different products have different trading hours.

  • Standard orders submitted through IdealPro are subject to minimum and maximum size restrictions. Customers who wish to submit orders in quantities greater than the standard order maximums can request to gain access to Euro Pacific’s Large–Size Order Facility. In addition to allowing submission of FX orders greater than the stated limits, the Large–Size Order Facility allows customers to RFQ (Request for Quote) for an FX pair specific to the order quantity entered. Please contact Client Services or your IBKR Sales Representative to see if you qualify for the Large–Size Order Facility.
  • An Eligible Contract Participant is generally an individual or organization with assets of over $10 MM (or $5 MM if trades are hedging). The complete definition is located in Section 1a(18) of the Commodity Exchange Act. For more information about the Commodity Exchange Act, see the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission website, or read the complete definition here.
  • Traders should note in the event one currency of a currency pair has a settlement holiday, the settlement will be delayed until both currencies are available for settlement. In addition, most currency pairs will not settle on a USD settlement holiday. This treatment is regardless of whether USD is part of the transaction directly.
  • IDEAL FX includes a suite of FX execution services including IDEAL and IDEALPRO.
  • Prefer Speed over Price: Customers who regularly submit large-sized orders (orders greater than 3 million) can request to have an optional feature, Prefer Speed Over Price, added to the Miscellaneous tab of the TWS order ticket. When enabled, this feature informs the SMART router that it is OK to trade outside the NBBO to attempt to get a faster fill for a large-sized order. The current default assumes that price is preferred, and execution of large-sized orders may be delayed due to dealer order size restrictions. If approved for this feature, API customers can define this setting for ALL orders sent via the API by enabling the feature on the API page of Global Configuration. This feature is not available on a per-order basis for API orders. Please contact Sales & Trading at [email protected] to see if you qualify for the Prefer Speed over Price feature.
  • FX Sweep: Non-base currency positions less than or equal to 5 USD or USD equivalent will be swept back to the account’s base currency after settlement.
  • NZD has also a non-trading period between 07:00-07:15 NZST/NZDT
  • EUR.RUB trading hours 17:15 – 12:00 EST

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