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Equities & ETF Trading


Whether local, or global, trading stocks and ETFs has never been easier with Global Trading

If you have ever thought of trading equities online, getting started is easier than ever with Global Trading. With Global Trading’s award-winning trading platforms, you can access more than 29 of the world’s major exchanges directly, putting over 14,500 global equities at your fingertips. Whether you are interested in equities from the US, Europe or Asia, Global Trading makes it simple and affordable to create and manage the portfolio you’ve always wanted, with a single versatile account.

Serious traders need serious tools

With Global Trading you’ll have access to some of the industry’s best active trader tools, includingTradeMaker (trade ideas) and world-class technical and fundamental analytics – all designed to help you unlock your online equities trading potential.

Take control of your online equities trading

When it comes to your financial goals, your’re the expert. That’s why Global Trading offers the features and flexibility you need to put your trading ideas into action. Trade almost any Stock from around the world, manage risk easily and, if you think a Stock will fall, go short using Single Stock CFDs.

Experience online equities trading with Global Trading

Successful equity traders know that it is all about evaluating the risk against the potential of the investment. Global Trading provides traders with direct access to the world’s stock markets as well as the opportunity to hedge and/or diversify an equities portfolio with many other asset classes, all from a single trading account. In addition to more than 14,500 Equities, you can trade 1,500 Exchange Traded Funds, FX, Futures, and CFDs on multiple types of assets.

Shorting Stocks

With Global Trading, you can short Stocks on over 7,500 companies by means of Single Stock CFDs (Contracts for Difference) traded OTC (Over the Counter) on our trading platforms.

Going short allows investors to make a profit in falling markets. Through Global Trading’s Index-tracking CFDs, traders are also able to get exposure to broader markets by buying or selling (short) entire indices with a single click. Trading underlying companies via CFDs intraday allows traders to save on overnight borrowing and financing costs. Read more about the benefits of CFDs.

Multiple Order types available

Global Trading lets you choose from multiple order types, including Market orders, Limit, Stop and Trailing Stop orders with GTC (Good-Till-Cancelled) feature attached. More advanced Stock traders can benefit by applying Algorithmic orders.

Smart order routing

Global Trading applies Smart Order Routing to all equities orders, so that clients benefit from the fastest and highest level of execution. Smart Order Routing is enabled for all Equities as well as all Single Stock CFDs offered for trading.

Use Equities as collateral for margin trading

When you trade Stocks online with Global Trading, you are automatically eligible to use a percentage of your investment collateral for margin trading of Forex, Futures and CFDs, available through our versatile multi-asset account.