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Trade Bonds with Global Trading

Global Trading offers trading of a wide range of government and corporate bonds in most markets. Simple e-mail orders and offline requests must be placed. Bond positions can then be monitored online in real-time through Global Trading’s trading platforms.
Furthermore bonds are a valuable diversification tool for protecting your portfolio against volatility or stagnation in equity markets. Offering an alternative in times of unpredictable or stagnant equity and currency markets, Bonds can be an important and conservative capital preservation component of an investment portfolio

What You Get When Trading Bonds at Global Trading

  • Very competitive pricing.
  • Access to the global bond market.
  • Trading in bonds denominated in 16 different currencies.
  • Up to 95% of Bonds collateral can be used for trading margin products such as Forex and CFDs.
  • Very low trade commissions from only 0.08%.
  • Trading in a wide selection of government and corporate bonds.
  • Investment opportunities ranging from top-rated Investment Grade bonds to lower rated High Yields.
  • Real-time monitoring of your positions through Global Trading’s online investment platforms.
  • Low re-payment/default risk.

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A broad range of Bonds are available through Global Trading, and clients are able to search through a full list by currency, maturity and issuer. For availability of other bonds and pricing, clients can contact Euro Pacific Bank or their private banker. The coupon payments on the bond will be credited directly to the client’s account in accordance with normal settlement procedures.