Euro Pacific Bank

What is a Contactless Bank Card?

Contactless technology lets you make everyday purchases quickly and safely wherever the universal contactless symbol is displayed—global retail stores, fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, and more. Simply tap your contactless-enabled Euro Pacific bank card at a secure contactless reader to make a payment.


  • Safe and secure – encryption that is unique to every purchase protects transaction data, and your card never leaves your hand, reducing risk of loss or counterfeit
  • Faster checkout – no more fumbling with cash, and contactless payments do not require you enable web-based transactions beforehand
  • It’s simple – just tap your card against the reader at checkout and you’re good to go

How do I use contactless?

1. Look for the contactless symbol at the point of sale.
2. When you are ready to pay, hold your card over the reader at close range.
3. Once the reader confirms that your transaction is approved, you are ready to go.

Additionally, customers using a contactless card do not need to enable them for web-based transactions. These cards are automatically enabled for web based use.