Euro Pacific Bank

WARNING AGAINST Anpayme Corporation / Perfect Card Ltd

Published Date 24-AUG-2014

It has been drawn to our attention that ANPAYME CORPORATION / Perfect Card Ltd, a firm registered in Belize (IBC # 135229) are suggesting on their website that they have an agency and/or financial relationship with Euro Pacific Bank Limited which does not exist. They are also providing our wiring instructions, which are not valid payment details.

Euro Pacific Bank has no connection or dealings with ANPAYME CORPORATION or their employees/operators and we advise our clients that neither this firm or its principals are connected in any way to Euro Pacific Bank or are endorsed by us. They are not registered with us as agents of our bank. Any party having any dealings with ANPAYME CORPORATION or with their principals in connection with any Euro Pacific Bank product or service does so entirely at their own risk and Euro Pacific Bank is not responsible for any consequences arising from such dealings.