Euro Pacific Bank

Trading with Sub-Accounts

Establish sub-accounts for instrument currencies you commonly trade to eliminate paying conversion fees on each individual trade back to your account currency.

Notes about trading with sub-accounts

A few things to be aware of when trading from sub-accounts:

  • Whenever you trade you need to choose the specific sub-account you want to trade from – the platform does not automatically chose the most appropriate sub-account for you. However the platform will warn you if you try to place a trade on an account when a sub-account with a matching currency is available.
  • If you have two opposite positions in two separate sub-accounts, they will not net out at the end of the day.
  • When placing a trade, the platform takes into consideration the total funds and margin available to the sub-account, not only the assets available on the sub-account. If you do not have enough funds you will still be allowed to place trades on a sub-account if free funds or margin are available in other accounts. 
  • If you trade on a sub-account which has insufficient funds or margin, you may get a negative balance on the sub-account and will be charged interest on this negative balance. To avoid this, make sure you keep your sub-account balances positive.
  • You always need to maintain sufficient funds in your main account to cover your Net Free Equity requirements.
  • You can easily transfer funds between sub-accounts using the currency conversion request . The conversion rate will be the current exchange rate plus a conversion fee.