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Margin Change — New Calculation: Aug 05, 2021

Effective after the US market close on August 5, 2021, Interactive Brokers1 will begin phasing in a new margin requirement to identify the inherent risk of a portfolio concentrated in three or fewer equity positions.

New Methodology

  • Interactive Brokers will continue to calculate the potential loss for each stock (and its derivatives) by conducting the same stress tests currently in place.
  • The aggregate projected loss for the top three concentrated stocks (and their derivatives) from the above scenarios will be compared to what would otherwise be the aggregate portfolio margin requirement, and the greater of the two will be the margin requirement for the portfolio. This differs from the current approach, which considers the projected loss from two or fewer equity positions.

The increase will be implemented in a series of gradual steps over a 10-business day period, beginning after the US close on August 5, 2021, and concluding after the US close on August 19, 2021, with the increase to initial margins occurring first.

Recommended Actions

As the margin impact is portfolio-dependent, we recommend that you review the full impact to your account prior to, during and following full implementation.

To evaluate the full impact of this proposed change on your margin requirements, please see KB Article 2957: Risk Navigator: Alternative Margin Calculator and utilize the margin mode setting in Risk Navigator, select “Margin 20210820.”

Accounts that are unable to carry a position under this new margin requirement are subject to liquidations to bring the account into margin compliance. Therefore, please make necessary adjustments to your portfolio to comply with Interactive Brokers’ new policy.

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