Euro Pacific Bank

Pre-authorized/blocked amounts for car rentals and hotels

Due to specific card scheme rules for car rental and hotel companies, the auto-release time frame for these holds is up to 180 days. However the holds can be manually released upon request providing our card processor with the proof of final payment (invoice/receipt) or confirmation from the hotel the amount won’t be debited.

Normally all merchants have to present transaction for clearing within 7 days from the auth day. At the same time the car rental and hotel companies can send the clearing at the time when the client actually check-out/ return the car.

The holds will automatically be released when the cardholder pays at the end of the rental period or hotel stay if the payment is made using the same card. This is because the payment is made using the same reference as the hold authorization, so the two are reconciled and the hold is released. However, if the cardholder only uses the card for authorization, then settles with the car rental company or hotel using a different card or cash, then the holds remain intact. The hotel or car company should be releasing these authorizations themselves, but often they tend not to bother doing this, which is causing cardholders this issue.

As per our card processors Compliance, these holds are not released until 180 days afterwards, however cardholders can contact the processor and provide proof of cancellation or payment via a different method and they will then release these holds manually.



The newest update on Euro Pacific Bank's operations can be read here. As always, we appreciate your continued patience through this regulatory process.