Euro Pacific Bank

MT4 Server Name Change – May 11 , 2021

Effective May 8, 2021, we have changed our MT4 Server Name (not license) as below:

  • LiveUK to Live1
  • DemoUK to Demo1

Note that since the update were on Sunday, there would be no direct impact to you as within 24 hours your terminal would be able to perform a new connection automatically, so by Sunday everything would be ready.

If you face a disconnection issue on your mobile app due to server name change, you will need to attempt to rescan servers again (tap the MetaQuotes logo on the start screen and hold until vibration) and reconnect to a server under the new name. Another option is to attempt a new search by the new name and connect like normal.

For any issues relating to this new change, please email Trading Support at [email protected].