Euro Pacific Bank

MT4 Margin Reduction for Swiss Franc – Aug 23, 2021


As you may know, the Swiss Franc (CHF) has been rising lately due to concerns over the Delta Variant’s impacts on the global economy. Our risk team has assessed and saw potential issues with the Swiss National Bank’s current policy of keeping their currency at current levels. One of our risk scenarios also anticipates that there’s a potential 20% devaluation of the Swiss Franc in the near future.

Margin Policy Update

To protect you against the risks surrounding the Swiss Franc, we will reduce allowed margin of all CHF pairs to 1/5th of existing levels starting Monday, Aug 23, 2021.

Therefore, please review your open CHF positions’ margin requirements and fund your account if it is necessary to avoid stop out. As an example, if your current leverage on CHF pairs is 1:30, the leverage ratio will be reduced to 1:6 (5 times lower).

For any assistance relating to this change, please email Trading Support at [email protected].