Euro Pacific Bank

Which wiring instructions should I use for receiving USD payments?


Before executing the transfer, please review the Incoming Wire Transfer Disclaimers.
If you encounter any challenges, please contact us via secure eBanking message or send us an email.

Euro Pacific Bank has created three different options for receiving USD, in our mission to offer you a stable, reliable, and permanent method for facilitating USD payments.

Method When do I use these instructions? Cost Direct Clearing1 ABA Number
Standard This is your primary instruction, valid until December 31st 2018. Incoming payments through this instruction after this date will be returned. Standard Fees Yes No
Federal Reserve From January 1st 2019, please use this instruction as we will no longer be offering the Standard Instruction above. If used before January 1st 2019, please be aware of the surcharge2. Standard Fees + $60 surcharge per transfer if used before January 1st 20192 Yes Yes
Alternative If the options above do not work, you may use this alternative instruction. Standard Fees + intermediary bank fees3 No No

1Direct clearing means that payments are cleared directly through an intermediary bank. This means that the sending bank can send the payment with your account name listed as the Beneficiary (Field 59), as opposed to in the Reference field (Field 70 or 72). In the case of the Alternative Instruction, payments are processed through another third party processor, not directly through the bank.
2These additional costs are a result of the fact that processing through the Fed is not yet automated. The Bank is working with the Fed to enable fully automated transaction processing, which will eventually result in lower costs and faster settlement.
3An international payment may utilize one or more intermediary banks, as it passes through the payment chain. This may result in additional charges, levied by the intermediary bank(s). We credit the exact amount our payment processor receives, followed by our incoming wire fee. We cannot accept any liability if an intermediary bank in the payment chain adds additional transfer fees.