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For clients interested in a professionally managed portfolio of global equities and fixed income, Euro Pacific Advisors offers separately managed accounts. A managed account allows for the transparency of a traditional brokerage account, while offering turnkey access to an internationally diversified portfolio.

A Sustainable Advantage

The Euro Pacific Advisor’s Separately Managed Account is available in five different base strategies including: Conservative, Moderate, Balanced, Growth and Aggressive Growth. These specific allocation and weighting is determined through a comprehensive review of the individual’s particular risk tolerance, experience and other relevant factors. Individual preferences and needs are taken into consideration as a bespoke portfolio is crafted for each client.

The Managed Account Difference

A managed account is an investment account owned directly by an individual investor yet professionally looked after by an investment committee. In contrast to a mutual fund in which an investor holds a share of the overall fund, managed account holders own 100% of the underlying securities, allowing for additional personalization and transparency of the portfolio management process.

Key benefits of a Separately Managed Account:

  • Access to foreign markets not limited by the small universe of US traded American Depository Receipts (ADRs)
  • Turn-key access to Peter Schiff’s international equity investment strategy
  • Complete transparency, with customization to individual investor needs
  • Dedicated portfolio manager, disciplined management and regular rebalancing
  • Investments are exchange traded and liquid
  • Opportunity to benefit from unique tactical investments

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