Euro Pacific Bank

Block Trading

Execute Block Trading in a Single Click

Our automated rules based ‘Allocation Tool’ allows you to easily place trades on behalf of multiple clients. Build up positions, have trades allocated as they are filled and be assured of the best execution across all clients. The tool is applicable across all products and it’s managed directly by you.

Manage Risk in Real Time

Know that trades are covered as you place them by taking advantage of real time margin checks on each client account at execution. You can have block trade sizes reduced or cancelled if client accounts have insufficient funds. Margin pre-checks allow you to see the impact on clients’ accounts before execution.

PAMM Accounts & MAM Forex

Automated Allocation

With easy administration of Allocation Keys, set up multiple keys for different trading strategies or client groups.

Adapt the system to you; save pre-defined rules and make allocation fully automated. You select the appropriate key and the system allocates the trade based on the rules you’ve defined.

Allocations Quick Guide

Download an overview of the allocation based trading application.

Operational Tools to Save Time and Money

Our emphasis on efficiency will help you save time and money. Save on administrative resources and costs as we streamline and automate processes for handling reporting and monitoring of accounts, back office and risk management functions. With our online tools, you can generate the reports required by authorities and regulators – as well as those delivered to clients – quickly and easily.

Euro Pacific Bank also runs several operational services on your behalf including:

  • Trade and position reconciliation
  • End of day files for back office and reporting systems
  • FX Rollovers
  • Transfer of securities free of payment
  • Financing interest on CFDs
  • Corporate actions processing
  • Market data services

Flexible Account Structures

Within your omnibus account, you can set up sub-accounts for different trading purposes and strategies. For example, if you trade in different markets, you might choose to nominate accounts in different currencies to limit your currency exposure.