Euro Pacific Bank Limited

Forex Trading


The platform on which you’re about to trade, has earned “Best in Class” retail platform from FX Week and Euromoney. Through GTS TradeStation, you gain access to:

  • Over 160 currency crosses
  • Streaming prices for Spot, Forward Outrights and FX and Binary Options
  • Industry-best pricing aggregated from tier 1 liquidity providers
  • Streaming news from premium financial sources: Dow Jones Newswire, MNI
  • Advanced charting and technical analysis tools
  • Up-to-date market research from leading experts

Why Saxo Bank and Global Trading?

Some foreign exchange brokers like to make a lot of noise about low spreads to lure in new clients, but as most experienced traders will tell you, there is more to FX pricing than the raw spread.

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Increase Your Investment Power

Global Trading’s low margin rates allow you to gear your investment up to 200x for the first EUR 300,000 that you invest. For example, use an investment deposit of EUR 10,000 to hold a position of up to EUR 2,000,000 on the market. For investment amounts above EUR 300,000, you can trade on margins as low as 1%.

Forex Options on Live, Streaming Prices

Trade Forex Options on streaming, live prices up to USD 20,000,000 on most major crosses. The GTS TradeStation is a pioneer in streaming FX instruments. Investors can trade on the price they see and receive instant confirmation. You can also trade Forex Options on real-time pricing.

World-class Risk Management with World-class Tools

The platform brings together advanced charts, analysis, research and pricing in a single window. Keep an eye on the market as you evaluate your portfolio, consider currency trades and read real-time streaming news. Manage your positions from the account summary providing you with real-time risk management.