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what is the partner program?

The Euro Pacific Bank Affiliate Program is a highly effective way to generate additional income. You can use it simply by recommending Euro Pacific Bank to your friends and family, or via your website or commercial enterprise to make referrals.

Our financial services affiliate program is available to everyone, including citizens and residents of the United States. The affiliate program is quick and easy to implement. Simply link to while adding your unique Affiliate Code. Alternatively, the person you refer can enter your Affiliate Code when signing up for an account. Continue reading below to learn more about benefits and compensation structures.

key benefits

We are the preferred banking solution for hundreds of corporate service providers, lawyers and accountants across the globe:


instant payouts

For affiliates who also have a Euro Pacific Bank account, payouts can be completed instantly to your personal account. Affiliates can opt to purchase a bank card that will allow them to withdraw funds directly from their offshore account. This method is highly encouraged for all of our non-US affiliates.


With our banking affiliate program, there are a number of options to receive your commissions. Select from the following:



If you are a professional or want to work more closely with the bank, we have other referral programs available. Please contact us to speak with the Business Development team.


It’s easy to become a member of our Affiliate Program. In fact, you don’t even need to be a client. After you’ve registered, a member of our Business Development team will be in touch to assist with the setup of your account. If at any time you forget the process, you can follow these 3 simple steps:

  • 01
    Login to the Affiliate Platform

    Visit the Affiliate Platform in order to review the various campaigns and banners that are available. Also, remember to keep an eye out for new additions and updates.

  • 02
    Replace YOURCODE with Your Affiliate Code

    Our system will automatically create a unique referral link for you; the generated text link will look like this:

  • 03
    Share Your Affiliate Code Link

    Place the link with your Affiliate Code on your website, blog or message board. Also, you can copy and paste the link into an email that can be sent to relatives, friends and contacts.

Already an affiliate?

Stay up-to-date with me latest banners and marketing tools. Our Business Development team is here to assist.

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Register today to become a Euro Pacific Bank partner and receive dedicated assistance and traning.

Track earnings

From the moment the first customer referred from your website signs up with Euro Pacific Bank and makes a purchase, you will have access to a detailed statement of how much you have earned. You will also be able to track “click-throughs” to our website from the links on your site, so you can see how many of your visitors are clicking through to us. Login to the Affiliate Platform to review all the details.

You can track your earnings from the Euro Pacific Bank Affiliate Program online. Login to the Affiliate Panel to review all of the details related to your affiliate progress.

On the home screen you will be able to see how many new Commissions and Sign Ups have been created by the customers you referred, and how much commission they have generated for you (under the heading ’Reports > Commissions’). Your commission report is updated regularly, and commission payments are made whenever you reach the minimum payout threshold that you have set.